by Languisher

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Recorded with a "Rock Band" videogame microphone


released November 1, 2015

Leo Trotz-Liboff - Guitar/bass/vocals/writing/production
Stuart Warren - Keyboards/drums/vocals/writing/production



all rights reserved


Languisher Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Guile
Track Name: From the Inky Depths
A wise creature emerges from the inky depths
He bears ancient knowledge from waves
Now you must welcome the fishman into your homes
He will teach you how to behave.

We deathless gods witnessed him crawl up from the grimy sand
He will test your small island clan.

Fishman, why are you here?
How can you be a seer?
Calm down, depart from fear.

We can’t
To stay
Too long

To hear
Fish song.

His slippery skin transcends maritime boundaries
With muscly legs he ambulates
The darkened secrets of things he brings from the seas
He sings deep truths, this scaly muse.

We deathless gods witnessed him crawl up from the grimy sand
He will test your small island clan.

Collapse the distinction
Between gods and humans
The fish can’t be outdone.

We can’t
To stay
Too long

To hear
Fish song.

O fishman
We need you
We can do
Much with you.
Track Name: Greasy Eye
When the village found the fishman,
Light of knowledge glimmered from his greasy eyes.

Have you want of technology?

They now rejoiced with new found art.
Oar-less ships and oily lamps warmed their hearts.
Viewing these things they thought themselves smart,
Bore the fishman worthy honor from the start.

Steer straight ‘cross the foamy waves,
Lest they become a watery grave.
Please respect my native clan.
Lay not on them your filthy hands.

We built ships that harnessed wind,
Pulled by sails.
Handsome ramparts do rise up to the skies,
Prevent our demise,
We shall not fail.

Fishman brings ancient books telling
Of medicine.
Potions keep us healthy curing disease,
We become strong.

We dug deep into the ground
For silver.
We built war machines and vanquished our foes,
Dealing them blows,
We laid them low.

Civic bonds helped them lay down the law.
Public forums raised their voices high.
Oratory works filled them with awe.
In triumph they looked up at the sky.

You have progressed far my friends,
With great means but to what end?
How far do you want to go?
Birds don’t like machines, you know.

Passion for profit blocked empathy.
Grimy concrete replaced all the trees.
Growing weary of the people’s schemes,
Fishman shattered all their vain dreams.

You must relent on this day.
I won’t teach lest we be pray.
Pious pilots patrol the stars.

Grimy fish you are a liar
From the deep.
Scaly monster how you promised us power.
Locked in this tower,
You shall tell us.

I will not relent nor divulge the secrets of the deep.

Using all his guile he traced a line
From the window to the brine.
Track Name: Surly Pilot
[Cruel Bird:]
I, the pious pilot have come
To end this charade.
I act as messenger of gods.
Things are going to change around here
If I have my way
Keeping technology at bay.
You know that knowledge is the domain of the divine.
We must not shoot past the limit
Of things.

I keep my feathery watch
Around the mountain tops,
Guarding the world from sure destruction.
In ancient planes I fly,
Relics from a bygone time.
With my beaked associates
We form an order.
This fish was wise, but not enough.
Now I’m here, I’ll show you who’s tough.

Cruel Bird
Cruel Bird

Traces tracks across the stars
To find you
He’s a surly pilot

Cruel Bird
Cruel Bird

Malice in his eyes
Sharp beak
Cruel bird
Blank expression
Gods behind the curtain
Controlling the

Cruel Bird
Cruel Bird

Electronic wires
Thinner than
Mortal coil
Destructive, violent
Cruel, Cruel bird

Execute the master’s commands
You dumb, stupid, idiot bird
Fight the relentless swordsman
Evict the evil mouse

Cruel bird
Cruel bird
Track Name: The Prophet: Part I
Would that you could see
As well into the

As well as your name
Does seem to proclaim
Prophetic Cat

You might have been spared
From your gruesome fate
Wicked Cat.

Banished from the air
You live in despair

We had faith in you
Thinking you’d be true

Now the bird is here
We all live in fear
Because of you.

Full of guile he is
All the power’s his
So cruel.

How can we go back
Avian attack
We’re ruined.

Bird is so cruel.
His harsh new rule.
Track Name: The Prophet: Part II
You shall all perish
At the hands of the gods.

The bird destroyed your dam.
That was just the first
Just wait, you haven’t seen the worst.

These fetters shall not forever bind these paws.
You have broken all of nature’s laws.
Track Name: Cruel Bird
The bird has tortured our folk.
He has put them under a yolk.

We must complete the dam.

[Cruel Bird:]
You have abused the knowledge of the fish
And now the will of the gods
For this offence you shall suffer
And become subjects of the avian race.

Cruel bird.

[Cruel Bird:]
The power is mine now.
Track Name: Relentless Swordsman
There came
A champion of the people
A relentless swordsman
So selfless he was
So gallant in stride
To end the reign of the bird.
Track Name: Contemptor Divum
The bird sat on his lofty throne
Ordering bloody slaughter.
The swordsman stood up,
Challenged him.
His feathers ruffled,
He glared down.

They were locked in strong contest
In the sky
We cheered our champion
On to victory
Hoping we’d be free.

The bird took note of the dam
Built to recover the wise fishfolk.
He strove to wreck it
Ending all.
The swordsman checked him
Pressing hard.

The bitter blade cut through the neck of
That wretched cruel bird.
But the structure could not
Withstand it.
The dam burst water
Killing all.

Now I’m dead.
Track Name: Relentlessness
Bear the cube into
The octagonal chamber
So the ritual might begin.
I taste it…
The violence is the only cure
Is this how we treat our friends?
We are just gods manipulating
Weightless soldiers.
Bear the cube.
Bear it well and far.
Let the cube suck our lives down its narrow
Tight and moist.
Bearer of the cube.
Die a little to pass the war.
Die a little to pass the time.
War a little to pass the time.
War a little to die the time.
Time a little to die the war.
Pass a little to time the war.

Exit your spherical prison
To fight
Our wars
For us
On the square battlefield.

Human faces deformed
They are animals.
30-year-old stinky green men hang on balloons
Going nowhere.
Guardians lift up the moon
But it will fall again
As the war rages on.
The moon smiles its cruel smile
And gazes upon us
As the prophetic cat battles the swordsman
And the turtle reemerges
From the inky depths.

The diver’s helmet
Thinking his watery thoughts?

The hook?

As the war rages on
In the cube
In the cube