Greasy Eye

from by Languisher

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When the village found the fishman,
Light of knowledge glimmered from his greasy eyes.

Have you want of technology?

They now rejoiced with new found art.
Oar-less ships and oily lamps warmed their hearts.
Viewing these things they thought themselves smart,
Bore the fishman worthy honor from the start.

Steer straight ‘cross the foamy waves,
Lest they become a watery grave.
Please respect my native clan.
Lay not on them your filthy hands.

We built ships that harnessed wind,
Pulled by sails.
Handsome ramparts do rise up to the skies,
Prevent our demise,
We shall not fail.

Fishman brings ancient books telling
Of medicine.
Potions keep us healthy curing disease,
We become strong.

We dug deep into the ground
For silver.
We built war machines and vanquished our foes,
Dealing them blows,
We laid them low.

Civic bonds helped them lay down the law.
Public forums raised their voices high.
Oratory works filled them with awe.
In triumph they looked up at the sky.

You have progressed far my friends,
With great means but to what end?
How far do you want to go?
Birds don’t like machines, you know.

Passion for profit blocked empathy.
Grimy concrete replaced all the trees.
Growing weary of the people’s schemes,
Fishman shattered all their vain dreams.

You must relent on this day.
I won’t teach lest we be pray.
Pious pilots patrol the stars.

Grimy fish you are a liar
From the deep.
Scaly monster how you promised us power.
Locked in this tower,
You shall tell us.

I will not relent nor divulge the secrets of the deep.

Using all his guile he traced a line
From the window to the brine.


from Antediluvian, released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Languisher Berkeley, California

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